Product Classification

    • Elevator Intertalk Solution Series

      Elevator five-way intercom system

      When an emergency occurs in an elevator, the system can establish instant contact between passengers and rescue organizations or monitoring personnel. The system provides clear sound quality and reliable communications, ensuring elevator passengers receive prompt assistance.

    • AI Multimedia Terminal

      Destination control system

      Use intelligent technology to optimize elevator dispatching and operation by analyzing traffic patterns in real time, shorten waiting times, and improve elevator efficiency. In other words, the system can automatically schedule appropriate elevators based on passenger needs and the floors they want to go to, allowing passengers to have a comfortable elevator experience while improving the traffic efficiency of the building.

    • Lift Fault Alarm Traceability System

      Elevator access control system (supports robots)

      Multiple electronic identity verification methods (IC cards, QR codes, face recognition, etc.) can be used to board the elevator, which significantly improves the safety and privacy protection of building residents and tenants. It can be integrated with other systems, and supports robots to pass the turnstile and call the elevator. , taking the elevator, etc. (food delivery, delivery, inspection, etc.).

    • Visitor Control System

      Elevator accessories

      Including magnetic switches, load cells, elevator display screens, phase sequence protectors, etc.

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